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Terms and Conditions



50% deposit is required before all orders  are  placed into production.


NOTE: REMAINING BALANCE - While we know most of our customers are trustworthy, we require any remaining balance to be paid in full before items can be shipped/received/delivered. Payment in full is due upon receipt of goods if picked up or delivered.



Virtual artwork and and/or production proof is to be approved by the customer before producing the order. Please make sure the virtual proof has the right spelling, colors and placement.  There will be additional fees for corrections made after the initial approval as well as production delays. Posh & Promo LLC is not responsible if the customer approves something and then it's wrong because they missed something or they don't like it. There are no returns on custom screen printed goods or any custom decorated goods/apparel etc produced in any manner including embroidery and all promotional products. Posh & Promo LLC does everything in its power to communicate all the details of an order. If red flags are raised and we feel that something may not produce properly a pre-production sample may be required by us which will be quoted. 



Posh and Promo is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as inaccurate garment or product color, sizes,  loose stitching, holes or ripped seams.  We try our best to inspect these garments during the check in process, but we can't guarantee that there won't be the odd one to slip through. It is always a good idea to order 5% more than what you intend to have in total. Posh & Promo has an over/under of 5% in case of bad garments or misprints.



Tracking information is typically sent via e-mail to the customer after shipping. Posh & Promo will not be held accountable if packages are late, lost or damaged due to mishandling through the shipping company (i.e. UPS, FedEx, DHS, USPS)  Please ensure shipping address is correct beforehand as it will cause delays if incorrect. Please avoid waiting to the last minute before placing your order. Posh and Promo requires a minimum of 2 weeks production time AFTER the art proof and order are approved and deposit is paid plus shipping time to your location.


Customer supplied garments must have a P.O. labeled who it is from or it will be refused and sent back to the shipper. All customer supplied garments MUST be new, unworn and unwashed. Also, Posh & Promo is not responsible for any customer supplied goods that get ruined during production or lost in transit. 


If you are 'Lodi, WI local' Posh and Promo will deliver for free!!!


There are no cash refunds, only credit to your account.  One must contact us within one week to discuss in order to be considered to receive credit. Posh & Promo has an allowance of over or under 5% for a completed order meaning if up to 5% of goods are over shipped or under shipped the order is considered complete. No refunds are given if the virtual comp provided by Posh & Promo prior to production is approved by you or a representative of your business/event/family and it's incorrect after production. It is your responsibility to proof read the virtual proof for any and all errors in spelling, art, color etc. If you forgo a proof due to your time constraints and it is incorrect Posh and Promo is not responsible to provide any sort of refund or discount on the item. We require a minimum of 2 weeks plus shipping time to your location for all orders after the art and order are approved and a deposit is made. Some items require a longer production time and that information will be communicated before the order is confirmed. 



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