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Helping you 'promote' with fun, creative ideas that leave a lasting impression on the world you live and work in.

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The embroidery technique uses thread to achieve your design.  With this method you are able to display your logo in a very professional way as well as get your logo onto rounded surfaces, such as hats. Posh and Promo offers a range of embroidering options. Please contact us to inquire about your custom embroidery project! 


Standard custom embroidery is most common and can be done on the left chest of polos/sport shirts, jackets, fleece, full and quarter zip items and on various locations on hats. This is your classic embroidery look.  



Having your art made to look like a patch is a great way to stay current. Patches are also great if you want an unusual or otherwise non-embroidery friendly location decorated. They can be created with a heat seal on the back or not and sewn on separately. They're so versatile! 


Your custom logo or artwork starts off being digitized (set up charges) and gets converted into stitches so the embroidery machine knows where to lay each stitch. The file is then loaded into the machine and the garments are inserted into a loop. The loop holds the garment or cap down while the machine threads the yarn through the fabric.


Choose from a wide selection of fonts to have any custom name or saying embroidered.

The cost of embroidery varies per job and is priced differently than screen printed apparel because the price is based on stitch count. The more stitches in the design the longer it will stay on the press and therefore the price increases.

The Process



When reviewing the artwork, we look for fine detail, gradients and small lettering that may not embroider well. Posh & Promo makes recommendations or gives you some options if your logo will not embroider well on a particular garment.


Although the digitized file gives us a pretty realistic idea of what the final embroidery will look like, Posh and Promo prefers to create an actual stitched out sample to be sure. We’ll make any tweaks or adjustments from there and send the final sew out to you for final art approval. Typically we take a photograph of the sew out and email it to you. 



An embroidery hoop is a plastic ring that snaps around the area of the garment to be sewn. This hoop is affixed to a head on the embroidery machine. This is called clamping. These steps are taken to stabilize the garment as the needle sews the fabric.



Once the garments are sewn, the excess backing is removed from the embroidered design. Sometimes a tear-away backing is used, and it can be pulled off. Other times the backing must be cut, or trimmed, from the back of the garment. This step in the process is referred to as trimming no matter which method is used.


Any questions or ready to start a project? Email,

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