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Screen Printing Tips


How to avoid bad screen printing results...

  • Try not to place the logo or design over seams of the garment.  This causes the ink to bleed, misprint and can look like a badly screen printed t-shirt or sweatshirt...unless you're going for that 'look'. 

  • Make sure your color selections are accurate.  The Pantone color seen on a computer screen can be different than the actual Pantone mixed and printed. If you are picky about the ink color then you will need to provide us with a Pantone number to match. Sometimes there is a fee for this depending on the item. Please contact Posh and Promo with questions or further explanation. 

  • When mixing different garment colors, take into account the ink color.  For instance, if you want to screen print white ink on a red shirt and then switch to a white shirt, you will need to change the ink color. There is an 'ink change charge of $15 per change for plastisol ink and $20 per color for waterbase ink.

  • Make sure you know how large and where you want your artwork or logo on your item. It's important as some items have limitations to where it can be screen printed and even embroidered.

  • Printing over zippers isn't always a good idea as there can be ink bleed.

  • Printing a large block of plastisol ink feels thick and heavy to the touch. Consider re-designing or paying extra for water base ink. 

  • Garments that tend to lose fine print detail when using thick ink...

    • Heavy Duty Canvas Totes, Ribbed Garments, Pique Shirts, Burnout Tees

  • When supplying your own garments Posh & Promo LLC is not responsible for replacing or paying for one if it gets ruined during the production process. 


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