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Posh Yourself

*To Purchase Soap, T-shirts, Masks or Lotion Bars please skip to the bottom of the page! 

According to the urban dictionary "posh" is defined as very classy or sophisticated. Also, rich, aristocratic, wealthy, loaded, fancy, toff, toffee nosed, upper crust, well off or well to do.


We here at Posh & Promo are none of these things exactly... We like to have a little fun with our 'fancy' keeping things simple and as real as possible ;)   

Introducing the newest addition to the Lodi Valley Posh (LVP) line...

The LVP Natural Shampoo Bar

What is a shampoo bar?  It's pretty much the same as liquid shampoo but in bar form which makes it more concentrated.

LVP's natural shampoo bar features:

  • Natural vegan ingredients.

  • An intense, luxurious lathering power that

               leaves your hair shiny and clean.

  • Great 'build up' eliminating power. 

  • Ingredients that are safe for color treated hair.

  • Packaging in a convenient reusable square tin with drainage block to reduce the use of plastics and aid in keeping your shampoo bar dryer between uses thereby aiding in its longevity.   


What you get with your initial $14.00 order: 

  1. Soap Tin

  2. Soap Drain Block

  3. Shampoo Bar

Re-orders can be placed for the shampoo

bar only for $7.00 each. They are simply

wrapped in brown craft paper with twine. 

Both tin and re-orders (no-tin) are currently available

in one scent, rosemary + mint. 


The LVP Original  Bar Soap

Lodi Valley Posh Bar Soap is made from simple and fun ingredients using the cold process soaping method. The bars vary in size, color, scent and shape. The ingredients are few and interesting from goat's milk to beer to wine and whiskey!  Some bars are scented with 100% essential oils while others have fragrance oil. Check back often to see what recipe we make next! 

The LVP Original  Hard & Sassy Skin Balm

Lodi Valley Posh * Hard and Sassy Skin Balm * is a blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil bees wax & Vitamin E oil, scented with 100% lavender essential oil. The overall smelly-ness of it is a cross between cocoa butter and lavender and is quite comforting

if I do say so myself!  

1 tin is approximately 1.3 oz and sells for $10.00 each

Uses & Directions: Rub on dry winter hands & body to help keep smooth and protected. Product softens as it's warmed on the skin.

Works wonders in combination with the soaps! Do not eat. Do not get in eyes. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, don't use.

Keep out of reach of children.


Prices on ALL items for sale are below. If you need any more info on anything, please feel free to email your questions to info@poshandpromo.comIf you are 'Lodi, WI local'  we deliver for free and also have contactless curbside pick up for your convenience!

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